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Striker Broom

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The best-in-class Striker delivers all the Blue Ox features on a strong and balanced 6061 aluminum alloy version of our custom shaped shaft.

Head: Delta's header offers superb control of the ball thanks to its form appreciated by the players. Cutting guides allow you to cut corners or player with full corners, depending on your preference. The Delta is available in several curves and weights, to suit all players, as well as in a multitude of colors.

Curves: The Delta head is available without a curve and with three different curves:

  • 5mm: The last 4 cm of the head are curved 5mm to raise wrist shots easily and allow more aggressive ball control. The first 15 cm of the head remain straight to preserve the backhand shots and passes, flips and angle shots.
  • 10mm: The last 5 cm of the head are curved by 10mm to raise wrist shots even easier and to allow an effortless control of the aggressive ball. The last 14 cm of the head remain straight to allow shots and passes of the backhand, flips and angle shots without too much adjustment.
  • 20mm: The last 6 cm of the head are curved by 20mm for incredible wrist shots and to allow extremely aggressive ball control. The last 13 cm of the head remain straight to allow in part the shots and passes of the backhand, flips and angle shots with adjustments.

Weight: The Delta head is available in 3 weights:

  • 7 oz: This is the standard weight that suits most players. Available in black, blue, green, pink, yellow, white and red and in 5mm, 10mm and 20mm.
  • 8 oz: This is a medium weight that offers an increase in mass, grip and performance in cold weather. This makes it an option for powerful players or outdoor use. Available in orange or grey and without curves.
  • 9 oz: This is the heaviest head available. It is suitable for players who like the feeling of heaviness, for a shot with maximum power. Available in grey and curve-free.

Channel: The Striker uses a specially heated 6061 aluminum alloy handle for the ice ball. Its unique ergonomic shape, developed specifically for the ice ball, optimizes performance and provides comfortable grip. The weight of the standard handle is 15 oz.