Team Builder Program



About Orange Ball Athletics:

Formed in 2020 by a player, coach, builder, leader and enthusiast to level the playing field amongst all players.

It is our opinion that everybody should have access to sports. It shouldn’t matter how much money a kid’s parents make when selecting which level that kid will play at or if that kid can play at all. Every kid deserves the same opportunities, and that’s why we want to give back to the communities. We want to make playing sports more affordable and ultimately more fun for everyone.

We proudly offer products made or designed by Canadian companies. When we can’t source a Canadian brand, we will fill the gap with international brands, but we will always support our communities first. We support our communities because you are the community. You are the reason we exist and you are the one who spends your free time growing and shaping your community, and that deserves our respect and support.


Purpose of the Team Builder Program:

The Orange Ball Athletics Team Builder Program was created to celebrate you; the coach, manager, leader, captain and organizer.

You work hard before the game even begins to gather everyone together, organize the events, design the uniforms, bring the orange slices. Plain and simply put, you make this team even possible.

People like you are in high demand, but don’t get high praise.

Orange Ball Athletics wants to change that. We are offering you and your team a tiered platform to save your own money or to make some extra money for that team slush fund.


Goal of the Team Builder Program:

To enable teams to save that extra bit of money for when they need to travel for the playoffs, eat on the road, buy the new uniforms or pay the registration fees to that tournament.

To give back to the people who make sports possible: the volunteers. To offer discounted equipment to your entire team with a little bonus for you, the organizer.


How it Works:

You will be the leader of this program.

Sign up for this program by submitting the completed form to

Choose the option, below, that best fits your team’s needs.

Option One – Savings for All

Sift through the products on and find what you want.

Write it down on our Team Builder Program order form (Make sure you note the SKU).

Tell your teammates to do the same.

Tell your friends, family, co-workers, teachers, congregation, and anyone else to do the same and report back to you with the products they want.

Minimum group order is $750.

Discount ranges are based on List price (taxes and shipping not included)

Receive instant discounts for all items ordered based on the following scale:

Total group sales between $1,500-$2,999. Everybody gets 10% off. Leader gets 15% off.

Total group sales between $3,000-$4,999. Everybody gets 15% off. Leader gets 20% off.

Total group sales $5,000 and up. Everybody gets 20% off. Leader gets 25% off.



Option Two – Team Fundraiser

Determine what you want to fundraise money for. Your options are limitless.

Print out the Team Builder Program order form and hand one to each of your teammates and coaches.

Sift through the products on and find what you want.

Write it down on our Team Builder Program Order Form.

Tell your teammates to do the same.

This is a fundraiser, so sell, sell, sell! Tell everyone about your fundraiser and sell them gear they were already going to buy anyway.

No minimum group orders.

Earn “Orange Bucks” and exchange them upon order submission at 1:1 with Canadian dollars.

Earning ratios are based on List Price (taxes and shipping not included)

Earn 1 “Orange Buck” for every $10 spent on total sales from $10-$3,999.

Earn 2 “Orange Bucks” for every $10 spent on total sales from $4,000 and up.

Leader receives 15% discount on all items ordered for personal use with group orders above $1,500.


Helpful Hints for Finding a Product

We are always adding new products and brands to our catalog, so check back often.

Use the “Sports” drop-down menu to narrow your equipment search to your sport of choice.

Check the Accessories page to find items that may be considered useful in multiple sports.

If you can’t find the product you’re looking for, use the Search function. You can search by item, brand, sport or keyword.

If all else fails and you can’t find a product you’re looking for, email to request more information.


Small Print

No purchase necessary to participate in this program.

Program open to Canadian citizens and permanent residents of Canada only. We will only ship within Canada. 

All references to dollars are Canadian Dollars (CAD).

Prices subject to change at any time.

List price on at time of order submission will be used to calculate total. “Orange Bucks” are given at the ratios listed above on List Price, which is the pre-tax amount and does not include shipping costs.

Scan and submit your order forms to or mail them to 212-214 Nadia Dr, Dartmouth, NS B3A 0G3 and you should receive a cheque in the mail within 30 days.

Order will be placed within five (5) business days of receiving payment in full.

Shipping times may vary.

If an item is on back-order you will be notified shortly after submission, as soon as the order is processed.

Applicable provincial and national taxes will apply, and your order may be subject to shipping charges.


GST and HST rates by province

  • 5% in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Northwest Territories, Nunavut, Quebec, Saskatchewan and Yukon (GST only)
  • 13% in Ontario (HST)
  • 15% in New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island (HST)


Downloadable Files

Team Builder Program Registration Form

Team Builder Program Order Form