Jill Compression Pants

Jill Compression Pants

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Construction: Moisture wicking polyester/spandex shell
Protection Secured: Cup is held securely in place with internal pouch and leg elastics
Protection: Flex cup included

Additional Information

Senior sizing: XS (Waist 27-28", 69-71cm)
S (Waist 29-30", 74-76cm)
M (Waist 31-33", 79-84cm)
L (Waist 34-35", 86-89cm)
XL (Waist 36-37", 91-94cm)
XXL (Waist 38-40", 97-102cm)
Youth Sizing:

XS (Waist 22.5""-23.5"", 57-60cm)
S (Waist 23.5""-24.5"", 60-62cm)
M (Waist 24.5""-25.5"", 62-65cm)
L (Waist 25.5""-27.5"", 65-70cm)
XL (Waist 27.5""-29.5"", 70-75cm)