Orange Ball Summer Classic Rules

Orange Ball Summer Classic '23 Rules


*Any use of drugs or alcohol before or during the tournament or at the facility whatsoever will be grounds for elimination of the team from the tournament with no full or partial refund. 



Teams will consist of a minimum of 7 players. 

Participants must be 18 years or older as of August 20, 2023.

Team registration cost is $270 regardless of the number of players.

Games will be played in the gymnasium at NSCC Akerley Campus at 21 Woodlawn Rd. 

To access the gym, park in the back of the building and use the back door. Follow the signs to the gym. 

By registering your team you agree that, as captain, you are responsible for the actions of yourself and your teammates. Be respectful of the staff, other teams, any spectators and the facility.

Teams are responsible to bring their own First Aid kit, and it is recommended that each team has a player/representative who is certified in Emergency First Aid and CPR.


Each game will be scheduled in a 45 minute time slot. The breakdown is as follows:

5 minute warm-up, two 18 minute run-time halves and 4 minute half-time between halves. 


There is a no tolerance rule for fighting, and players will be removed at the first sight of any skirmish outside of typical ball battles during play. Any overly aggressive behaviour could be grounds for suspension from the remainder of the tournament, or any part there of, at the convener's discretion. Convener's decision is final and is not up for dispute. Any team not following these simple rules will be asked to leave the tournament and will not be offered a full or partial refund. Captains are responsible for the behaviour of all their players and participants. 


Game Play

The Orange Ball convener has the right and authority to stop the game for any infraction he or she feels puts players/staff/participants/spectators in danger. This includes calling back a goal if it is determined a foul has occurred. 

Conventional ISBHF rules will apply except for the following:

There will be no referee, so games are self-officiated.

Any dispute on rules will be resolved by the defending team. 

In the event two teams cannot come to a consensus on the rule, the Orange Ball Athletics convener will have final say.

All infractions will result in a stoppage in play. The team that did not commit the infraction will be given the ball to restart the play.

No icings or offsides. 

After any stoppage in play (ball out, start of a new half, after a goal, etc) the ball must be touched by a 2nd attacking player before a goal can be scored. 

An infraction will occur when any player lifts the blade of her stick above her waist for any reason, including but not limited to knocking the ball down, shooting, passing, etc.

Goals may be scored from anywhere on the court by any player, including goalie.

Games will start on time, and no more than 5 minutes late. In the event a game starts late, the game time is cut short to keep the schedule running on time. Any team which is determined by the convener to be at fault of being more than 5 minutes late to start the game will forfeit the game, and the opposing team will be given a 5-0 win. 

Games have unlimited potential for score and there is no mercy rule. 

There are no crease rules, but there is also no tolerance on goaltender abuse. Once the goalie has any part of his or her body covering all or a portion of the ball, the play is dead and the ball shall be given to the defending team to restart the play. This is not considered a stoppage of play unless a forced stoppage has occurred by the convener. 

Teams must play with a maximum of 2 players of any gender on the game surface at any one time. The only player that is not considered in this gender rule is the goaltender, who can be of any gender.

The stage and outside of the gymnasium, including any closets or doorways, will be considered out of bounds and the ball will be given to the team that did not cause the ball to go out of bounds. (Deflections count as fault).

The goalies may play the ball anywhere in their own half of the playing surface.



Equipment will not be provided by Orange Ball Athletics. It is the responsibility of each team to bring their own player and goalie equipment.

Goaltenders may wear hockey pads, chest protector, blocker and trapper and must wear a helmet.

Players must use plastic blades on their sticks. There will be some blades and sticks available to use or purchase. 

Players are encouraged to wear ball hockey shinpads (soft) and gloves, as well as any other standard ball hockey equipment. No ice hockey player equipment is permitted to be worn with the exception of ice hockey gloves. 


Standings, Scoring and Points

Based on the schedule, the "Home Team" is responsible to track the game's score.

Round robin games may end in a tie. Playoff games must have a winner. 

If a playoff game is tied after 2 x 18 minute halves, a penalty shootout will transpire. 

In the penalty shootout, each team will choose 3 players of alternating genders to take the penalty shot. If the game is tied after 3 shooters, teams will go 1 by 1 until there is a winner. 2nd team will always have the opportunity to tie before a winner is declared.

A win is worth 2 points; a tie is worth 1 point; a loss is worth 0 points; a forfeit is worth -1 points. 

The top two teams from each division will earn a berth in the playoffs, following standard cross over rules. 

For example; 1st place division A will play 2nd place division B, and vice versa.

In the event a team is eliminated from the tournament by the convener for any reason, all teams below that team in the standings, will move up one place during or after round robin play, but not once playoffs has started. 

Any remaining games to be played by the eliminated team will be considered forfeits and will result in a 5-0 score for the opposing team. In this case, the forfeit game does count as one of the guaranteed 3 games. 


*Any use of drugs or alcohol before or during the tournament or at the facility whatsoever will be grounds for elimination of the team from the tournament with no full or partial refund. 


If any rules seem unclear or there you have an unanswered question after reading these rules, please email for further clarification. 


Play hard and most importantly, have fun!